Project CARE

Project CARE is a community service initiative for students of Rostrata Primary School.

This year, Rostrata classes have been working on their Snowball Community Service projects with the aim to encourage and promote “service” to the wider community.

Some of these projects include making puzzles and raising money (via cupcake stalls) for school children in Cambodia, making and serving morning tea for Mothers to raise awareness for Breast Cancer, co-ordinating the collection and distribution of lost property in the school, writing letters to service men & women, just to name a few.

Many students already participate in community service acts outside the school. We would like to extend the Project CARE initiative to acknowledge this work, and encourage more acts of kindness and service.

What is Project CARE?

The Acts of Service program aims to recognise and promote those selfless things our children are already doing, and encourage them to think more of others. The ‘Acts’ can be services to friends, family, neighbours, school, local businesses, community groups both local and further afield, and are age-related.

How does it work?

The aim is to achieve “100 Acts of Service” throughout their time at Rostrata Primary School    (K – Yr 6). To keep it fair, acts are time-based, One Act = One Hour of service to the community. The Acts will be recorded by parents or relevant persons in the student logbooks which will be handed out in Semester 2.

Each week, Peer Mediators will be available to tally service acts/hours in individual student logbooks, which will then be recorded on Class Tracker sheets for each class. Certificates will then be awarded to students during school assemblies to reward and recognise the completion of different levels of Acts of Service.

  • Bronze – 10 Acts
  • Silver – 25 Acts
  • Gold – 50 Acts
  • Acts of Service Badge – 100 Acts

Examples and ideas for Acts of Service will be included in the booklet.

A Project CARE Community Service Award will also be presented each year at the Year 6 Graduation Ceremony to acknowledge the significant contribution of a particular individual.

Why Acts of Service?

We believe that whilst the performance of Acts of Service benefits the recipient directly, there are greater benefits, not only to our community, but to the individual student. Performing acts of service produces a feeling of self-worth, gives a sense of purpose, makes a difference to our community, earns the respect of our community and strengthens connections with people in our community. As acts of service accumulate they help strengthen and overcome social, environmental, and economic boundaries within our community.

Project CARE has the full endorsement of the School Board and of the Rostrata P&C. We look forward to this exciting new program starting in Semester 2.

If you would like to know more, or have queries, please direct your email to More information can be found on the school’s website at the following address:

Thanking you for your support.


Project CARE Committee


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