The Canteen is managed by the P&C via the Canteen Sub-Committee and provides recess and lunch on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Canteen is not set up as a profitable business, but rather to provide a service to Rostrata families.


The Events Sub-Committee’s primary role is to run school and community based events that will raise funds for the school to purchase resources and facilities. Common events include: discos, lap-a-thons, family photographs, quiz nights, and selling Entertainment books. The Sub-Committee usually runs one or two events each term. Notes are sent home and reminders are put into the newsletters, however for the most up to date information please keep an eye on our website. The P&C appreciates your support of these events. Further information about the roles of this committee can be found here. A link to the Rostrata P&C Noise Level Guidelines can be found here.


The Graduation Sub-Committee is made up of parents of children who are in Year 6. The main aim of this group is to coordinate the graduation event which celebrates the children’s end to Primary School. The Graduation Sub-Committee also organises the Leavers shirts and jackets as well as the Year Book which is presented to all of the graduating children. Further information about the roles of this committee can be found here.


The Grounds Sub-Committee is responsible for organising busy bees and fundraising events to assist in the maintenance and improvement of the Rostrata Primary School grounds. This can include repaving, putting new sand in playgrounds, planting trees, and anything else that is needed to keep the grounds safe and beautiful.

Leavers Uniform

Information about the responsibilities of the Leavers Uniform representative can be found here.

Safety House

The Safety House Scheme is run in primary schools throughout Australia. The function of a Safety House is to provide a safe refuge for school aged children. Safe Houses are identified by a yellow triangular sign on a household letter box. The Safety House Sub-Committee is responsible for promoting the program to parents and students as well as recruiting other Safety Houses in the local area.

School Banking

The School Banking Sub-Committee is responsible for running banking mornings during school term and with assisting children in setting up and managing a bank account. The committee works in conjunction with the Commonwealth Bank to provide this service to the students of Rostrata, and they are always looking for helpful parents to assist with the banking mornings. Further information about the roles of this committee can be found here.

Second Hand Uniforms

The Second Hand Uniforms representative is responsible for the collection and sale of second hand uniforms at Rostrata. Further information can be found here.

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden (SAKG)

The SAKG Sub-Committee is responsible for assisting with fundraising for the SAKG at Rostrata Primary, and is an interface between the P&C and the school run program. It helps with the organisation of busy bees to maintain the garden.