Nature Playground Project

Rostrata Primary School, with the support of the P&C, are beginning the process of designing and building a Nature Playground. If you are unfamiliar with Nature Playgrounds, then I would encourage you to check out the Nature Play WA website for more information (

The proposed area for the Nature Playground will be at the end of the school oval, near Bill’s Hill, and towards the Prendwick Park side. At the moment we are in the design phase, and will be asking all the students of Rostrata to think about what they would like to see in the new playground, as well as how they would like to use the space. A flyer will be sent home over the July holidays that will contain some information about other Nature Playgrounds that you can visit for inspiration, and we would encourage you to check some out over the next few weeks so we can ensure that the Rostrata Nature Playground is the best fit for our community. The flyer will also ask for the students of Rostrata to design an area of the playground, and to show how they would use that area.

If you have seen something that you love at a Nature Playground, or you have taken some photos that you would like to share, please feel free to post them on our Submit Nature Playground Inspiration page, and be sure to follow our progress at the Nature Playground Blog.

In Term 3, once all student ideas have been collected, we will put together a design proposal, and once approved will begin planning the construction of the playground. Keep an eye on our website for progress updates, as well as call outs for fabulous parent volunteers as we get closer to the building stage.

I am very excited to be able to be part of this project, and I look forward to seeing everyone’s ideas after the holidays!


Tristan Cameron
P&C President