General Meeting Term 3 – Update

At our last General Meeting, held on 5th August, the main topics discussed on the night centred around the adoption of a new constitution from our governing body, volunteer requirements in the canteen, updates from Barry (principal) about various development projects around the school, the recent events run, as well as some opportunities for funding different items needed in our school.

The new P&C Constitution has been finalised by the Western Australian Council of State School Organisations (WACSSO – the governing body of all P&Cs in WA) and must be adopted by the end of the school year. There have been recent changes to the Associations Incorporation Act 2015 and Associations Incorporation Regulations 2016 that required an updated constitution, and over the years there have also been requests from P&Cs for changes and additions – the new constitution takes into account these requirements and requests. We plan on beginning the adoption process at the end of this term with the Executive Committee, and then formally adopting the constitution at a Special General Meeting in Term 4. For more information on the new constitution please visit the WACSSO Constitution website:

One of the things that makes our school community special are our wonderful parent (and grandparent!) volunteers. The Canteen in particular is always looking for people to help out on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and at the end of this year we look to be losing a large number of long-term helpers through the Year 6 graduation. If you are able to assist in the Canteen then please pop in to see Mel and Emma to see how you could help out – your time is greatly appreciated!

Last term we held a Quiz Night, and I’m sure everyone who attended will agree that it was a fantastic night – a huge thank you to the event team on the night, and the P&C members who organised the whole thing, especially Sam and Megan. We managed to raise over $8000 which will go towards the next stage of the Nature Playground. The other events that will be run this year are the Beach Fun Run in Term 3, and a Halloween Disco in Term 4. If you are able to help out at the Disco next Term please email

We also managed to fund a couple of new projects around the school, including a redevlopment of the Kindy grounds and some new instructional technology.

Thanks to everyone who came along and gave their input on the night; anyone is welcome to attend, and if you join (for $1 per year) then you are welcome to vote on any issues/decisions that the P&C makes.

I hope everyone has a great Term 3, and will no doubt see you around school!

Tristan Cameron
P&C President

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